From rings and bracelets to necklaces, earrings and keyrings... We sell brightly coloured, extravagant, unique pieces that give all the usual clichés a very wide berth. These pieces of jewellery are entirely hand-made, starting with untreated wires and chains that are then galvanised with gold or silver and given an antique look before being embellished with amethyst, amber, malachite and river pearls.
Pietra su Pietra makes pieces of jewellery that are valuable not only for their originality but also for their precious, non-allergenic stones – hard stones that shine, no matter their colour. Our amethysts come from Brazil and Uruguay, our multi-faceted amber from Santo Domingo, our malachite from Africa and our silver from Italy and India. The Swarovski pendants, which reach us direct from the Austrian workshop and which offer unrivalled brilliance and reflectiveness, are mounted in a very original way onto earrings and bracelets. These crystals imbue the wearer with a real joie de vivre, transforming the worlds of fashion and beauty into a breathtaking and seductive universe. Crystal reawakens the emotions, inspiring and enriching both art and culture.